Pricing and Packages

Baby Scene’s Yoga Classes

Prenatal Yoga

Baby Scene’s 60 minute prenatal yoga class is designed to support mothers in all stages of pregnancy and at all levels of yoga. This class is designed to meet each mother physically, mentally and emotionally on their individual pregnancy journey. We will bring awareness to breath to help calm and clarify the mind and body. This class will focus on preparing the physical body for labor and delivery by gently building strength and flexibility while minimizing discomfort. Guided meditations and visualizations will be provided to connect to baby and support the spiritual and emotional growth of the mother. Feel wonderful, supported and uplifted surrounded by a community of women all experiencing the changes, joys and challenges of pregnancy together.

Candlelight Prenatal Yoga

This 75 minute class combines Yin and Yang and is designed for prenatal women seeking to ease pregnancy related discomforts and learn how to incorporate breathing and meditation throughout pregnancy and labor. The first half of class centers on gentle flow where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing to movements. The second half is restoration for deep connective tissue stretching and mental relaxation. The room will be lit by warm candles for unwinding and a stress-relieving evening.

Gentle Core & Pelvic Floor Strengthening

This 60 minute Core & Pelvic Floor Strengthening class with a concentration on Diastasis Recti (DR) strengthening is our newest class offered to all postpartum Moms and Mothers of young children. The morning sickness, achy lower back and fatigue of pregnancy have passed, however new Mamas experience an entirely new set of physical constraints. Along with growing and birthing a baby comes weakened and stretched abdominal muscles many times causing DR and preventing the total bliss of enjoying your new little human.

Diastasis recti or DR, is a common occurrence in women who are over thirty-five, deliver a high birth weight baby or have a multiple pregnancy. All the pushing during labor can make for a compromised pelvic floor, annoying urine leakage at the most inopportune times or more serious complications. Typical core work such as crunches and planks can be painful and often make the condition worse. Our class concentrates on oblique work and the strengthening of this area and focuses on patience, understanding and acceptance for women during a very emotional time.

This postnatal class helps the body, as well as the mind and helps with the understanding that it is okay not to be the exact way you were before childbirth and eases with the transition of your new body. Standard recommendation is to wait 4-6 weeks after a vaginal birth and 8 weeks after a cesarean birth to begin any type of formal workout program.

Infants in carriers are welcome to this class!

"Mamaste" Mama and Me Yoga

Our Mama and Me yoga classes give Moms the opportunity to enjoy a workout and enhance the special bond between mommy and baby. Often mamas are juggling the demands of being a new mommy with the balancing of work, other children and family responsibilities, many times putting their personal care and well-being aside.

This 45 minute class enables Moms to focus on themselves while incorporating breathing and relaxation, flexibility and core strength, while interacting with baby. At our Mama and Me class it affords the opportunity to meet other Moms, and even Dads, and be part of a community, because as the saying goes, “it takes a village!”

The Mama and Me class is for children ages Newborn to 4-years old… MAMAste!

*Mama & Me price includes 1 parent or caregiver and up to 2 children ages 4 and under.

Family Yoga

We are Fam-ily, come bend and stretch with me!

No mobile phones or iPad, no screen time, just simple togetherness with you and the kids. Decrease screen time and increase quality time with your family at Baby Scene’s Family Yoga Class. Meet your spouse, partner, kids, and grandma and grandpa too on the mat to nurture your family bond by practicing yoga together and experiencing the benefits of yoga, which aid in managing stress, increasing concentration and overall well-being. Our Family Yoga Class is a way to have fun while strengthening your family. All ages are welcome.

Yoga Class Pricing

One Yoga Class

Pay per class. Valid for any one yoga class, excluding Family Yoga & workshops.


Family Yoga

Pay per class and family


5 Yoga Class Package

Mix and match! Try them all! Any 5 yoga classes of your choice (excludes workshops and Family Yoga, all classes must be used by the same person and within 6 months of purchase).

Please sign up online prior to class to guarantee your spot, spaces are limited.
Please bring your own yoga mat.


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