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Gentle Yoga

This 60-minute class offers students a gentle mix of standing and ground-based postures to stretch and strengthen the muscles in an intimate group setting. Slower paced movements focus on alignment, strength, balance, and flexibility. This class is perfect for students who are prenatal, postnatal, new to yoga or those who are recovering from an injury or ailment. Class is crafted based on individual student needs, all are welcome! We ask for advance sign up & prepayment.

Yin Restorative Yoga

This 60-minute class targets the joints and the connective tissues of the body. To access these dense tissues, poses are held 2-6 minutes with as little muscular effort as possible. The intention of Yin is to bring awareness to the strong sensation of stretch. The class ends with Restorative, focusing on deep relaxation through floor-based postures, supported with the use of props (bolsters, blocks, blankets) to let tensions melt away and for an effortless experience. We ask for advance sign up & prepayment.

"Mamaste" Mama and Me Yoga - COMING SOON

Our Mama and Me yoga classes give Moms the opportunity to enjoy a workout and enhance the special bond between mommy and baby. Often mamas are juggling the demands of being a new mommy with the balancing of work, other children and family responsibilities, many times putting their personal care and well-being aside.

This 45 minute class enables Moms to focus on themselves while incorporating breathing and relaxation, flexibility and core strength, while interacting with baby. At our Mama and Me class it affords the opportunity to meet other Moms, and even Dads, and be part of a community, because as the saying goes, “it takes a village!”

The Mama and Me class is for children ages Newborn to 4-years old… MAMAste!

*Mama & Me price includes 1 parent or caregiver and up to 2 children ages 4 and under.

Yoga Class Pricing

One Yoga Class

Pay per class. Valid for any one yoga class.


"Mamaste" Mama and Me Yoga - COMING SOON

Pay per class, includes 1 parent or caregiver and up to 2 children ages 4 and under.

Please sign up online, advance reservations are required, spaces are limited.
No refunds if late, fail to cancel or reschedule in advance of your scheduled class.
Classes begin and end on scheduled time. Late attendees please call the studio, and will possibly not be admitted and will not receive a refund or credit. 
Please bring your own yoga mat.

Instructors, find your space at Yoga Scene

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