At Baby Scene we specialize in Pre & Postnatal Massage, preparing and maintaining the body through its biggest changes. Massage can keep you connected to your physical self as the body begins to change, as well as enhance the mother-baby bond through the blissful experience of a little quiet time and a healing touch.

Prenatal Massage may help to reduce back pain and discomfort, reduce swelling and joint pain, improve circulation and sleep, relieve muscle tension and headaches, improve oxygenation, as well as reduce stress and anxiety.

At Baby Scene we also assist the mind, body and soul through postnatal massage wellness and recovery. Massage therapy is a safe space to heal and reconnect with our bodies as a whole after delivery. Whether you have had a wonderful pregnancy and labor, or the discomfort of a C-section, we have a postnatal massage therapist that can help. Postnatal body work benefits in relaxation and stress reduction, pain relief, hormone regulation, decreased swelling, better rest and sound sleep and helps to stimulate breastfeeding.

In addition to our pre and postnatal massage offerings, we extend the benefits of massage to our mamas’ husband, boyfriend or partner as they also experience many changes on their journey into fatherhood.


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