The practice of yoga is an ancient tradition that ties together the physical movement of the postures with breath work and the art of mindfulness meditation and relaxation.

During pregnancy, many mothers wish to continue staying fit and active and enjoy prenatal yoga as a safe way to do so. After birth, yoga offers gentle movements to promote healing and recovery helping the new mother integrate exercise back into her new routine.

At Baby Scene, we offer yoga classes led by our nationally certified yoga instructors who provide a safe and nurturing space for new mothers and pregnant women.

We provide our clients with a variety of classes, including “Mamaste Mama and Me” where mothers or caregivers can interact with their young child while getting a little exercise in, and “Gentle Core & Pelvic Floor Strengthening” where all postpartum mothers can begin to integrate movement and exercise safely and effectively back into their lives. In addition to our classes, we offer private sessions if you are new to yoga or would just like personalized one-on-one instruction. Contact us to schedule a private session today.

Join our community throughout the year as Baby Scene also offers specialty workshops, events and educational classes on pregnancy, new motherhood and families.

Benefits of Pre & Postnatal Yoga

Giving birth transforms women’s lives in profound and unexpected ways. Pre & Postnatal Yoga offer a multitude of benefits for the mother and baby including:
 Benefits of Pre & Postnatal Yoga
  • Strengthening the muscles used for labor and delivery
  • Maintaining flexibility through pregnancy
  • Mama and baby bonding time
  • Increased lung capacity and improved respiration through active breathwork
  • Strengthening mother and child’s immune system
  • Decreasing stress, anxiety and depression with mindfulness meditation
  • Help alleviating some of the common pregnancy and postpartum symptoms
  • Increase circulation through the body
  • Aid in healing a woman’s body after pregnancy and birth
  • Relief from the physical and emotional aspects of caring for a child
  • Create a sense of community and support through motherhood
  • Significantly help recover from childbirth physically, emotionally and spiritually


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