A premiere one-of-kind studio, Baby Scene is a Mommy Place to Be!

After experiencing the awe of seeing a 4D ultrasound of their granddaughter, Doug and Valorie decided to explore the possibilities of opening their own 4D Ultrasound studio, so more families could have this truly awe-inspiring experience of their own.

After extensive market research, they discovered there was not a center that catered specifically to pregnant mamas or new moms. The idea grew and their vision of establishing a pre and postnatal wellness studio took shape.

As entrepreneurs, Doug and Valorie knew the importance of creating a studio that not only offered sonograms but would develop into a niche business in an ever-growing market. As an artist, Valorie wanted to design a space that was not only comfortable but had an artistic flair; 90 days from the ground up, Baby Scene was born!

Equipped with the latest technology, Baby Scene offers state of the art elective 4D & 5D Sonograms, Pre & Postnatal Massage, Pre & Postnatal Yoga. Come experience the Awe at Baby Scene!

Management Team

Valorie Bauer

Valorie Bauer Co-Founder & CEO


Lisa Bellotti

Lisa Bellotti Chief Operating Officer


Doug Bauer

Doug Bauer Co-Founder & CFO


Chintan Kotadia

Chintan Kotadia Chief Technology Officer


Gina Fernandez

Gina Fernandez Chief Sonogram Officer


Patti Calderoni

Patti Calderoni Chief Yoga Officer


Erina Lambeth

Erina Lambeth Consultant



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