At Baby Scene we use the very latest ultrasound technology to create an awe-inspiring experience for mommies-to-be, dads, siblings, grandparents, friends and family in our cozy and relaxing new pre and postnatal wellness studio. Our Ultrasound room is equipped with a 65″ 4K Ultra High Definition TV, comfortable seating for up to 12 people, as well as a small kids area for Big Brother and Sister viewing. We also have the means to Facetime and Zoom with out of town family or friends.

Baby Scene’s 2D Sonogram Services begin as early as 8 weeks gestation to confirm a pregnancy and get a sneak peek of your growing baby. Our 2D services can continue to term. We request that all expectant mothers arrive for a 2D ultrasound with a Full Bladder.

Baby Scene’s 3D/4D-HD Live Sonogram Services can begin as early as 14 weeks gestation, with the optimal time of determining the baby’s sex being 16+ weeks gestation.

Our 3D Sonogram Services allow parents to see more detailed images of their baby. A 3D ultrasound can be obtained any time during pregnancy with the optimal time being between 26 and 32 weeks gestation; at this time, revealing improved facial features due to the baby’s developing fat layer helping to enhance these images.

A 4D-HD Live Ultrasound is the continuous 3D scanning of the baby. This state-of-the-art ultrasound technology goes beyond traditional sonogram imaging and can provide parents real-time 4D live video of their baby moving, blinking, waving, sucking their thumb and leaving you in Awe. The optimal time for a 4D ultrasound is between 27 and 32 weeks of gestation, but can be performed up to term.

It is important to remember that all images are dependent on the baby’s position, movement, size, and the amount of surrounding amniotic fluid. We will make every attempt to get the best images possible of your baby, but there are certain factors that are beyond our control. The location of your placenta can affect the ability to get a clear image of your baby’s face. For this reason, especially if you know your placenta is anterior, please try to opt for an earlier time frame; between 27-28 weeks is a good time for most babies to achieve a beautiful face picture.

Because every mother and the way they carry their baby is different, it is hard to predict what will be the best time frame for you and your baby. The larger your baby grows, the less space there is between the baby and your uterus. This space must be present in order to obtain 3D/4D images. If you know your baby is large, this may also be another indication to attempt images at an earlier gestational age.

At Baby Scene we capture these cherished images and video on a flash drive for you to take home as a treasured family keepsake, enabling you to easily share again and again with friends and family, and with your child as they grow up!


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