Mayor Jane Castor visits Baby Scene and has the opportunity to see an actual sonogram

Mayor Jane Castor at Baby Scene

Tampa Mayor, Jane Castor, former Chief of Police for Tampa, visited Baby Scene. As a Policemanโ€™s daughter, Valorie Bauer, Co-Founder & CEO of Baby Scene, was pleased to introduce her mother, Gloria Lopez, to Mayor Castor. The Mayor thanked Mrs. Lopez for her husbandโ€™s twenty-eight years of service with the Tampa Police Department. Mayor Castor toured the studio and had the pleasure of seeing an actual 4D HD sonogram demonstration. She was in awe of the advanced technology and continued to be in wonder as Baby Sceneโ€™s Chief Sonogram Officer, Gina Fernandez, showed the baby in utero. The baby put on a show and was literally smiling and rolling over, giving the audience an AWEsome experience.

Mayor Jane Castor with BabyScene Team


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